The Coastal Post - May, 1996

HAARP: Electromagnetic War On Horizon?


Weapons designers and procurers are endlessly creative devils, with clever nicknames like Star Wars or Brilliant Pebbles to cover their latest project. Taxpayers go along with generals' daydreams and admirals' fantasies about power and control. Politicians long ago learned that a strong military should never be questioned.

Still, sometimes common sense has to be used. The people have to say, okay, that's enough, we like the loud jets, the missiles look sexy, but HAARP is too much!

Is that a band? It's like punk trash in the upper atmosphere, right? Not exactly. It's an acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a federal weapons system, ground-based in the wilds of Alaska.

Deep in the tundra, a caribou migration territory, near the polar realms, a really freaky project that the military mind cooked up has been built. It's top secret, but there is abundant evidence that our government is exploding high intensity electromagnetic pulses into the electromagnetic shield which protects earth and all its inhabitants from much of the sun's radiation.

Alaskans who live nearby began to question what was going on after their satellite reception was affected. Even though the military likes to conduct secretive operations deep in the outback, there are always neighbors. Most of them are patriotic and appreciate the "costs of freedom." Television reception is where they drew the line. They began researching the mysterious HAARP, and communicating with each other and their federal representatives by fax and e-mail.

A book Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich documents that our government has been developing a new, ground-based Star Wars weapon system for years.

These discoveries have alerted a growing number of alternative media sources to this new weapons system. Even Jane's Defense Weekly and Popular Science covered it, but the vast majority of Americans know nothing about HAARP.

The electromagnetic shield flowing around our spinning orb is one reason we're not fried up like an egg. Most of the sun's radiation searing out in our direction is diverted around our little blue-green jewel by it. In the polar regions, the rivers of electromagnetic energy around the earth pour into the planet. The Northern Lights are an effect of this energy web. The seas of electromagnetic energy bulge out around the equator, just as the ozone shield and the atmospheric sheath do. It takes a lot of protection to have safe sex with the sun. The polar regions act as grounding for our electromagnetic protection.

Very little is known about the shield, or even the pathways of electromagnetic lines which roam all over the earth, but what is known indicates it should be taboo to military meddling. We've lived in fear of enemies a long time as humans. In order to protect ourselves, we've become our own worst enemies. Of course, after open air nuclear explosions, what could be taboo? Dismantling the military-industrial complex? Pruning hooks?

Certainly not exploding increasing amounts of intense pulses of electromagnetic energy into the electrojet up in Alaska. It's like little boys with matches, somebody has to keep an eye on them and tell them NO! HAARP, if successful, will jam global communication systems, and disrupt worldwide weather patterns, along with animal migration orienting, in order to rain electromagnetic energy down on the earth and oceans to detect submarines and jam all electronics systems, except presumably their secured ones. There are a few other military benefits to it, and probably even more that we don't know of, and claims are that it can alter human brain fucntion over large geographic areas, but so can TV.

Naming their new Star Wars weapon HAARP sounds so angelic, it almost makes us question the assumption that angels sit on clouds, play harps and use milk and honey in their lattes.